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Welcome to Aiello's Fruit Baskets History

Frank Aiello - 1960s                     Bobby Aiello - 2008         


The year was 1937.  Antonio Aiello opened a small fruit and vegetable market in Paterson, New Jersey.  His goal was to sell quality products so that his customers were given the freshest possible produce at all times.  Shortly after he opened, Antonio relocated his market to Haledon Avenue in nearby Prospect Park.  The business has been there ever since!  As the years went by, the business became known for having the best quality fruits and vegetables.


In 1960, Antonio passed the business on to his son, Frank.  Times were changing and the chain stores began selling produce at a fast rate.  In order to to compete, Frank and his wife, Phyllis made the decision to branch out and they began selling fruit and gourmet baskets.  It was a very successful venture, and soon they acquired a superior reputation in the North Jersey area, especially in Bergen County and Passaic County.


In the 1970's Frank's son Bobby began making the early morning trip with Frank to the markets in Paterson and New York.  Every day after school Bobby worked with his father and learned the business.  After college he decided to join his father fulltime, since by this time, Aiello's had grown to become a very successful enterprise.


In the early 80's, Frank and Bobby decided to focus their business only on fruit and gourmet baskets using the same first quality products and ingredients from all over the world.

Since Frank's death in 2007, Bobby has expanded into offering exceptional fruit and vegetable carvings, fresh fruit party platters, and fresh fruit centerpiece arrangements. He operates the business at the same Prospect Park location, providing quality baskets - many individualized to the customers preferences - and continues in the tradition of his father and grandfather to insure customer satisfaction in every possible way.


Aiello's is a family Owned and Operated business - in the third generation of family ownership

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